I am a former elementary school classroom teacher turned stay-at-home-mom to our kind-hearted, spunky girl, and our curious, happy, little boy. Thank goodness for my husband and best friend, Sean. He is my supporter and the one who picks me up when I fall (and believe me, I fall a lot!). Even with years of going to school (graduate school and all) and years of teaching, it still did not prepare me for the most challenging job of all: parenthood.November 2014 family

I have a love for people, travel, gift giving, and food. I am an introvert by nature and a “glass half full” kinda gal. I love to learn, to read to children, to be outside, and to bake. I sing in the car and would much prefer to dance in the kitchen than clean it (but usually end up doing both)!

When I was in school as a student, I can remember struggling with learning to read, and I believe that was one reason which ultimately led me to the field of education. I have also always been passionate about working with children and have done so throughout my life. I’ve been the big sister, babysitter, mentor, camp counselor, teacher to preschoolers and first graders, tutor…and Mom.

I love being a mom and know that the time I have at home with my children is a true gift. At the same time, there has always been a part of me that has been itching to work with families outside of my own and making a greater difference. Going back to the classroom honestly terrifies me. I easily worked 10 hour days when I taught first grade in the public school system, and I still brought work home with me. I am a dedicated person, and with two young children at home, I just know I couldn’t be the teacher I would want to be.

Enter “It Takes a Whole Village.” My unexpected venture that is allowing me to share my passion and is opening up the best of all worlds: teacher, mom, friend, and enthusiastic supporter. The church I grew up in adopted the philosophy “it takes a village to raise a child.” This phrase has always resonated with me, as I wholeheartedly believe that it takes a community to raise and educate our children.

family edit 1I could not be more excited to share some of my favorite activities, best practices, and helpful strategies with you. Together we can learn to grow more successful and confident children!